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#1: Eye Contact

For the next eight days I’m going to offer little “stings” of information, which I believe will make all the difference in the world to you and your future.

Most individuals believe they do not have to be reminded of something as simple as looking somebody in the eye. Wrong!

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Most individuals think they do this; they don’t. Their eyes wander all over the place during a conversation with just a brief second or two, periodically glancing at their target audience.

The eyes have always been a telltale sign. Shifting eyes is sign of somebody who is not trustworthy. Not being able to hold ones eye contact is also considered a trait of a non-confident person.

Most people are victims of the “feel versus real” phenomenon. They feel that they are holding ones eye contact, but in reality they are not.

Work at this diligently as it is extremely important if you want prospects and clients to take your recommendations seriously.

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