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Sales, Marketing, Service, and Teamwork

About Marketing: shrewd marketing starts after the sale is made. Once the sale is completed, many customers suddenly feel they’re not getting the same attention they got when the sales person wanted their business. While marketing to new customers is good business, maintaining current customers is even better business.

About Selling: too much focus on the sales presentation causes sellers to talk rather than listen—but it is the listening that reveals the customer concerns that can lead to a sale. Apply the 80/20 rule to sales presentations; have the customer do 80% of the talking to the seller’s 20%.

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More About Selling: offer your service to personal contacts when you believe it is truly in their best interest. Describe your service just once, and make it clear you do not expect them to use your services for the sake of the relationship.

Key: The sale should strengthen the relationship, not damage it.

About Customer Service: the seller’s task is not to change customers, but to understand them. Projecting opinions and making assumptions about what customers want prevents sellers from meeting a customers’ real needs.

About Teamwork: getting the job done in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead is going to be the result of more than individual effort. With the competition becoming more intense, winning organizations are going to have to implement a synergistic approach to growing their businesses. Synergism is when one and one equals three… that is, when the sum of the parts creates a more powerful organization then when the individual parts act alone. Teamwork is sure to become the battle cry in the years ahead.

About Better Communication: to ensure accuracy in a conversation, repeat what the other person says. Repeating the message will indicate your genuine interest in the speaker’s message and will confirm that both of you understand the details of the spoken word.

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