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9 Reasons Why Most Salespeople Are Not Successful at Prospecting, Part 1

One of my most often reminders requoted by those attending my live training sessions is: “There are only two types of people you will ever encounter. Those who you can help and the other kind.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.

I plan to touch on nine reasons why most salespeople are not more successful at arriving at deciding the candidates for each category.

Today we will discuss the first four.

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  1. Having too many prospects in your pipeline. Ultimately, it’s the quality of your prospects that are going to deliver you your quota. Don’t get caught up with “numbers,” and “likes.” Work on fine-tuning a systematic approach to discern if a candidate actually fits your description of a profitable future customer. Get more particular with who you want to do business with.
  1. Not having the time to follow up and follow through. Without a doubt this is the biggest problem most sales professionals face regardless of tier industry. Selling relationships take time to develop today; there is no excuse for not keeping in touch with your prospects and continually seeking opportunities to bring more value into the equation.
  1. Not segmenting your prospects based on who they are and their needs. This too is big. Treating everybody the same is a recipe for disaster. This takes time, effort, and discipline. Learn to categorize your prospects based on their wants, needs, personality, and idiosyncrasies.
  1. Relying on email as your primary tool to prospect. Email is efficient, but it’s also seductive in having you think you’re reaching your prospect. Selling has always been considered a contact sport. Yes, there is room for digital communication, but don’t ever discount the importance of face-to-face contact.

I will focus on reasons 5 – 9 in tomorrow’s message.

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