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Bask In The Brilliance of Roatán with ShoreTrips

The island of Roatán is nestled right on top of the world’s second largest coral reef, soaking in all the sun-drenched charm of the Caribbean. From the cuisine to the beaches, everything on the island is laced with warmth and heat, perfect for travelers looking to escape the icy clutches of Jack Frost. Discover this Caribbean rhythm and paradise for yourself with ShoreTrips!

60-Second Geography

Roatán, Honduras


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  • The climate in Roatán is divided into a wet and dry season, with the dry season the more popular for beach bunnies and cruise lovers to visit the beautiful island. Unlike many other tropical climates that experience continuous heavy downpours throughout the rainy season, Roatán can experience torrential soakings that suddenly give way to bright sunshine.
  • The cuisine of Honduras is a fusion of Spanish, African, Caribbean, and indigenous flavors. Because of its proximity to the sea, seafood is prevalent, and many of its most popular dishes include tamales, carne asada, plantains, and yuca. In Roatán, look forward to savoring various types of pan-fried fish, blue crabs, conch soup, and dishes flavored with mutton peppers.
  • One of the most stunning and soul-satisfying beaches on the entire island, West Bay is the quintessential beach among beaches. Because of its sugary white sands and cerulean waters, this beach can get incredibly crowded during the height of cruise season, so take care to visit during the off-season for the best peace and quiet. The coral gardens around the beach are still in excellent condition for snorkeling and diving.
  • The midpoint of the island, French Harbor is a fantastic area on the island for high quality resorts and restaurants. One of the smaller towns, Jonesville, is worth taking the time to explore, especially the “Hole in the Wall” restaurant, accessible only by water taxi from the town. For any reptile fans, the area is home to over 4000 iguanas, in the woods, on the roads, almost everywhere you look.
  • A quieter area still mostly undiscovered by the hordes of tourists, Sandy Bay is a quiet and serene community favored by expats. Filled with nature trails, botanical gardens, and private beaches, Sandy Bay is a diver’s paradise, with beautiful areas for snorkeling and diving.
  • One of the most energetic towns on the island is without a doubt the West End, full of bars, restaurants, and plenty of good times. This area also features the best beaches on the western side of the island for those looking for some down-time from dancing the night away. One of the town’s best features, however, is the heart-stopping sunset as it lights the water on fire and sinks beneath the horizon every evening.

Explore Roatán with Shore Trips

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During your zip lining experience you will also have the luxury of exploring the tree line at a slower pace by walking through eight suspension bridges that are one of a kind in the area. Keep your eyes peeled for iguanas, tropical birds, lizards and incredible formations of “tarzan” lines.


The length of the tour is just short of two miles. The zip line station to station lengths range from a short but exhilarating 40 feet to an awesome 860 feet. The height of the zips range from 20 to 45 feet from the ground. By the end of your experience, you will feel like a super hero.


Board your private vehicle and our 5-hour tour will begin by heading to the unspoiled east end of Roatán, where we’ll find authentic Garifuna villages, fishing towns on stilts, and breathtaking hilltop views of distant islands.

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