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Downtime is good, I think I’ll take some

It seems that the older we get, the easier it becomes to do more—technology is the likely culprit. Sometimes I think that we never get a chance to stop and smell the roses anymore because we are always in “go, go, go” mode. I sniffed at the roses last weekend with my getaway; but I was back to the grind this weekend with a terrifically over-scheduled Friday and a trip to Philly to see the Army-Navy game (if you ever get the chance… do it). I slept in as late as I could on Sunday; but my dog had other ideas. So, a break is definitely welcome and I will be taking one after this column. As we do each year, TRO will go into hibernation on December 19th and come back with a vengeance on January 4th.

This downtime allows for some housecleaning and behind-the-scenes tweaks, but mostly it allows for the editors, columnists, and tech people that work to put TRO together some time to breathe, clear their heads, refresh, and come in strong in the New Year. And this is something I encourage everyone to do (and intend to do myself) as best they can.

Late December has always been a slow time for me—even when I had retail storefronts. People are more concerned with heading to the malls and Amazon than they are about buying travel. Sure there are a few, but generally speaking Decembers have been my slowest month for nearly 20 years. So I take advantage.

  • I cut back my hours.
  • I sleep in late.
  • I answer emails on a schedule, not when they come in.
  • I schedule a bunch of “me” time: my own shopping, visiting friends, nights out for dinner, etc.
  • I tidy up my office. Toss old brochures. Set up a new calendar. Tweak my marketing plan. Clean and polish my desk—you’d be surprised how happy that makes me.

By January 2nd, I am ready for the crush. I am somewhat refreshed with a clear mind and ready to tackle the world. My desk is clean, shiny, and everything is in its proper place—for a while. But most importantly, my mind is clear which will allow for some creative juice to flow and kick off 2016 with a bang.

Do you take some R&R at the end of the year? What do you do?

Editor’s Note:  Have you read our Travel Agent Diary series the past 8 years?  If not, check it out and think about writing for TRO. I am looking for a few good agents to round out our stable for 2016. Are you willing to discuss your successes and challenges in a monthly column? We are not looking for anything confidential, just a little about what your agency offers and how you are faring month-to month. We have editorial assistance for you. It will make you a better writer and it is also a pretty decent marketing tool for you to use for your prospects.

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