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Fasten Your Seat Belts, Here Comes Another Year

Here we are looking down the barrel of yet another year. In wanting to maintain my relationship with Travel Research Online, and in particular with Richard Earls, I didn’t think I had another year’s worth of articles in me. I wasn’t sure what avenue I was going to take, and then an old project of mine popped into my head.

Once upon a time, I was going to write a book titled UNDERLINES.

I’m not sure when my reading habits kicked into full speed, but years ago I found myself being defined as a voracious sales and marketing reader. I couldn’t learn or read enough about the subject. And thanks to my slower-than-fast reading habits, I found myself underlining certain passages in the books that I read in order to internalize the message. Page after page I underlined, circled, and furiously scribbled notations in the margins.

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That is when this project began to unfold. My business library of books now consists of over 300 volumes; each one underlined in more than one color highlighter with reminders on virtually every other page.

You have probably guessed by now that in the upcoming editions of Travel Research Online, I will be sharing many of my underlined passages from various esteemed authors.

My plan is to retrieve a random book, open to any page, and document the passage I see underlined in that particular volume. Then, in a few more sentences, I will attempt to explain why that particular thought caught my attention.

I think this can be fun, quick, and loaded with meaningful input for you. Time will tell. More specifically, you will tell.

It appears that we both made it through another year, and are ready to accept the challenges that lie ahead. I wish you, my readers, nothing but good health, fun, and success in the coming year. I hope I can help you get through the hard times and smile more while enjoying the good times. There are bound to be both. I know we both can do better. And I know we both are going to do better.

Here’s to the New Year. I will see you on the other side.

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