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A World of Good with G Adventures

G Adventures is an adventure-travel pioneer, offering the widest selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris, and expeditions to nearly 100 countries on all seven continents. Powered by an international team of passionate travelers, the award-winning trips embrace authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine, and local transport to put you on a first-name basis with the planet’s people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. 

Founded in 1990 by Canadian entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures believes that travel and tourism, both done sustainably, have the potential to be among the most powerful forces for good in the world. Bruce still owns and leads the business today from its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

“Over 100,000 travellers experience the real world with us every year. What hasn’t changed is our passion for making sure you get behind the scenes to experience the real world in an authentic and sustainable manner.”
-Bruce Poon Tip

Bruce Poon Tip created G Adventures with nothing more than two credit cards and a burning desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience like none the world had ever seen. By offering adventure-craving travelers an alternative to the resorts, cruises, and motorcoach tours they were accustomed to, he not only changed the way people looked at their holiday time, but changed the face of travel forever. Twenty-five years later, the only thing that hasn’t changed is an inherent belief in the core values that continue to inspire the business today.

With more than 650 different itineraries for nearly every age, stage of life, budget, and travel interest, G Adventures’ trips embrace authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine and local transport, with a commitment to 100 percent guaranteed departures. Its approach to small-group travel is intimate, authentic, and sustainable.

As a social enterprise that cares about doing well and doing good, G Adventures applies an entrepreneurial approach to addressing social issues and creating positive changes in the places where it operates. The business is for-profit, but it is also for so much more.

Together with its partner nonprofit foundation Planeterra, G Adventures applies business principles to bring underserved communities into the tourism supply chain and support community development projects that help people help themselves; for example: helping to preserve cultural heritage, empowering women, and alleviating poverty, while supporting a healthier planet.

How do you envision our world in 50 years? G Adventures’ hopes our children and grandchildren will be able to experience the healthy natural environment and diversity of cultures that we still enjoy today. To achieve that goal, they work to give back more to the people and places that their travelers visit, than they collectively take.

Traveling with G Adventures is the very best way to get up close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own.

Over the next five years, G Adventures and Planeterra have committed to launch 50 new community development projects around the world and integrate them into 90 percent of the operator’s itineraries. This “50-in-5” campaign will give G Adventures travelers the chance to make meaningful connections and do a world of good for people and the planet, simply by having the adventure of a lifetime.

For more information about G Adventures and its Planeterra Foundation, please visit: www.gadventures.com or www.planeterra.org.

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