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Do It! Marketing: Inbound Leads

“Simple. When it comes to responding to leads, the mantra is ‘Now Or Never’. Leads won’t wait. They are looking for a solution NOW.”

DO IT! MARKETING– David Newman, page 148

Why Inbound Leads Are a 911 Call

Leads very well may be your key focal point in growing your business. Without leads, you have no direction. Enter the topic of speed: Once you uncover a lead, it is imperative that you respond to it in the expeditious fashion it deserves.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Do It! Marketing"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Do It! Marketing”

There are simply too many options available to consumers today. They have no time or patience trying to empathize with your excuses.

I have found over the years it is the first supplier who responds who has a definite leg-up on the competition. Speed wins. Be the first to respond.

The only reason a prospect contacts you is because they feel you are in position to help them. You need to take advantage of this sign of interest and respond accordingly. Leads won’t wait.








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