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Even Eagles Need A Push: Accept Responsibility

“It seems there is no tougher challenge than to accept personal responsibility for not only what we are, but also what we can be.”

Even Eagles Need A Push by David McNally, page 10

Chapter 1: To Begin Again

When I read this statement, I immediately remembered a quote from the movie actor and producer Woody Allen, who said he “had accomplished many fine things in his life, but he managed to come up short on a number of occasions. What he did not accomplish was nobody’s fault but his own.”

Click the book to grab your own copy of "Even Eagles Need A Push"
Click the book to grab your own copy of “Even Eagles Need A Push”

Apparently Woody was given every opportunity to do more with his life but according to him, he can blame his shortcomings on nobody but himself.

And so it is with your business. Since you do not have to place a large investment in inventory or raw materials, you have equal access to the planes, ships, hotels, and destinations that are available to everyone. You have equal access to the market and to technology.

To accomplish your wildest dreams, all you need to do is decide once if you are willing to pay the price in time and effort.

If for some reason you do not succeed to the level you had in mind, chances are it is nobody’s fault but your own. Let’s net this out:

Fact: You are who you are.

Fact: You can be what you want to become.

Fact: You must decide to pay the price.

Fact: The ball is in your court.

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