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How to Create Shareable Social Content in Less Time

Do you have plethora of photos?

What about a variety of videos?

How about a bunch of blogs?

What do we do with it all?

For many of us in the travel, tourism, and hospitality world we have bits and pieces of content floating around, waiting to be pulled together into shareable content. This re-worked content can take on new life and can live in a variety of different social and traditional marketing campaigns.

Let’s put on our ‘Content Production’ hats and dive into the types of content that will generate brand awareness and business. You can use these ideas to analyze your own existing content. Then, if you’d like, adjust your content library and future content strategies.

Novice Level

Travel Professionals: On your next FAM trip, site inspection, or business trip, focus on taking photos that showcase the destination or product. What about shooting some of these ever-popular sites:

  • Sunsets
  • Beautiful beaches
  • City views from unique angles
  • Vistas, viewpoints, and venues
  • Food & wine
  • Quirky local flavor

Destinations & Suppliers: How about capturing some active shots at events and festivals? When you uncover the unexpected in photos or video your social marketing engagement will sky rocket.

Action Steps: Think about producing content that can be used in a variety of venues; blogs, social posts, videos, and marketing presentations. Pull your still photos together into a slide show. Then add some text, music, and voice over. Wah lah… you have a short video! There are some easy to use tools available like Flip A Gram, Movie Maker, iMovie, and Animoto that give you really professional results.

Here’s how that might look for you:

Intermediate Level

Travel Professionals: ramp up your content production by interviewing your suppliers, clients and colleagues. Capture the interview on video.

Destinations & Suppliers: You can easily accelerate your engagement by involving your fans and followers using live-streaming video. Have you considered using Periscope or Meerkat at your next event?

How about challenging yourself to do something unique and different during your next webinar: turn it into an interactive Blab or meet via a live audio recording. Tapping into new formats will encourage others to embrace that medium. Your own fans will love it.

Action Steps: Use this great new content in your next video blog, social post, or newsletter. Consider a series of videos that can be turned into a video library and used as reference material for colleagues and clients. These videos can be live on your website, You Tube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook. Check out these video stats and slip-ups.

Here’s how it can look for you:

Advanced Level

Travel Professionals: Conquer the content production arena by incorporating your photos, videos, blogs, and presentations into a series of imaginative content that showcases your expertise. Not sure what to blog about? Here are 25 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Destinations & Suppliers: Ignite your audiences with a mix of user-generated content; your own quality content as well as professionally produced content.

Action Steps: Galvanize your content production by using an editorial calendar to organize your messaging across your social and traditional platforms.

Your focus may look like this:

How do I use this?

Now that you’ve created, collected, and combined your valuable content, what can you do with it? We all like to be able to get as much ‘bang for our buck’ by using, repurposing, and refreshing our content easily. Wouldn’t it be great to reinvent our hard work in a variety of ways? Check out these steps to socialize your campaigns.

Starting with one piece of your unique content, you can easily amplify it across your social sites. Consider breaking each piece of content into 3 key points, then creating posts, tweets, and micro-video about each one. You now have a way to fine-tune your messaging to each audience and save time.

Here’s a visual to help you plan your strategy:

The next step is to take each of the posts you created above and spread it further afield to your other social and traditional markets. Remember to include micro-video and live-casting opportunities.


Now let’s ramp this up! Here’s how you can take this to the next level with additional types of unique content you can pull together. Here’s some ideas of content that you can produce when you combine and elaborate on the bits you’ve collected:


  Blog post   Audio podcast
  Facebook Note   Periscope or Meerkat
  LinkedIn Pulse post   Graphics or photos with text
  Infographic   Memes
  Webinar   White paper live video-cast   Slide Share presentation
  Video blog   Newsletter or newspaper articles
  Short 30-second video   Photo slide show
  Magazine column   e-book


For example, consider taking a 30 second video you’ve produced that lives on your You-Tube. Embed it into a blog and then create a Facebook Note and LinkedIn Pulse with the material. Then you can combine the video with other content and you have an e-book. Imagine the possibilities.

Here are other ways you can take one of these pieces of unique content and re-use, recreate, and re-jig it so that it reaches as many eyeballs as possible. Check out these more advanced ways of repurposing a single piece of unique content. More repurposing details here.

As you master these strategies and embrace some new media, remember to track and analyze your successes. You can then begin creating specific content for specific audiences and target markets. I bet you’ll find that certain types of content are more effective in each platform. As you dial-in and leverage the art of repurposing, you’ll find you have more time to devote to creating just the right type of content for each type of traveler.

Here’s a final graphic overview of how you can incorporate your unique content into a variety of marketing vehicles. Just imagine how your content will be shared organically by a broader audience of new brand advocates. Plus, you can target your advertising even more strategically with this plan.

So go ahead and get more mileage from your existing content by breathing new life into your hard working content.

catherineheegCatherine Heeg, international speaker and trainer, focuses on social media marketing & communication for the travel and tourism industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.

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