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Letter of Introduction: Read Between The Lines

We are all looking forward to a brand New Year with brand new opportunities and a clean slate. Currently we are all in the driver’s seat. What unfolds in the next 12 months lies entirely in our hands. Our future is up to us.

I take great pleasure knowing that Richard Earls, the Publisher of Travel Research Online, has given me the chance to support the efforts of today’s travel professional. Together with help and guidance from editor Beth Cody I am preparing to “do it again.”

Last year I shared over 225 articles with you covering a variety of ideas, experiences, interpretations, and lessons. This year I am going to expand on the minds of other authors.

I am calling my 2016 column “READING BETWEEN THE LINES.” The idea came to me some time ago when I realized that many people in the travel industry just don’t have the time to read all the good marketing books I was introduced to and their authors who I held in high esteem.

Since I adopted the practice of underlining passages I thought were particularly pertinent to my sales career, I had plenty of passages to choose from on any given day.

I thought it would be both fun and helpful if I featured a single book each week with highlighted passages and added my personal interpretations.

My plan is to do this for two months before asking you, TRO’s readers, if you wanted me to continue with more books, more passages, more interpretations, and more daily motivation.

I am excited about this new column and I hope it serves as a stimulating service to the professional travel agency community. Time will tell.

I will be starting tomorrow. Look out 2016. Here we come.

Mike Marchev

Mike presents a business-building webinar on the third Thursday of every month sponsored by AmaWaterways. To receive monthly invitations send Mike an email with the words “business training” in the Subject Box. You will also receive a link to the recorded version. mike@mikemarchev.com

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