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Rosana Chermisqui, Founder of Tours 4 The World and Tours 4 Women


Offering tours to over 40 destinations worldwide, Tours for the World is very proud to work exclusively with travel agents. Partner Rosana Chermisqui has over 23 years of experience in the travel industry, and it is her pleasure to assist agents in selling travel to their clients. Rosana takes great pride in her ability to help agents succeed by teaching the tools needed to sell a specific tour or destination. She can offer insight and suggest sales incentives such as creating special packages, or saving the best of a custom tour for the end, to leave a lasting impression on the traveler. Rosana is extremely approachable, and sincerely enjoys working together with an agent to come up with the best solution possible for their clients.

What sets Tours 4 the World apart from other tour operators is the high quality of their tours, at the extremely affordable price point at which they are offered. Tours 4 the World offers outstanding value to travelers with their fully-escorted tours, always small groups of only 10-14 travelers, and superior accommodation in 4 and 5 star properties. Their most popular tours include their combination tours, where travelers get to experience at least two destinations on one trip. Examples include their South Africa and Swaziland tour; Luxury Dubai and Abu Dhabi; Buenos Aires, Iguassu and Rio de Janeiro.

The Tours 4 the World staff is multilingual, and they offer tours in both English and Spanish. In 2016, they plan to launch Tours for Women, offering unique adventures for women travelers. Tours 4 the World also offers a large number of FAMs for travel agents to become familiar with the destinations they are selling to their clients. Tours 4 the World is very proud to announce their recent memberships with NTA and CCRA.

Tours 4 the World started a program called LUCKY 14, they could easily called their new program “Have your cake and eat it, too”. Many travel agents have asked how many companions (non travel agents) are allowed on a Tours 4 the World FAM Trip. Usually that number is one. But, the company has created a new program called Lucky 14, a program of small group tours, on special dates, where they offer a special NET price. Agents can travel with as many companions as they want, or send as many clients as they want, but the group is limited to up to 14 LUCKY participants. Once 14 reservations are made for that tour date, the group is closed. Agents can charge tour participants the tour’s published price, or set their own price, and Tours 4 the World will pay agents the difference as commission.

Travel Research Online (TRO): What motivated you to pursue a career in the travel industry?

Rosanna Chermisqui (RC): I always loved to talk about, dream about, and think about travel; so why not do something I live for?

TRO: Tell us about your day-to-day role at Tours 4 The World.

RC: We are in Los Angeles; our office opens at 8am PST, but I enjoy coming in at 7 am and starting my day. First I answer my most urgent emails and then I take my time to dream about new ideas. I love to plan new itineraries and new promotions. After I share my ideas with my partner, Juan Rivera, then it is time to make it happen.

TRO: Tell us about Tours 4 Women.

RC: I started to travel with women because my husband doesn’t like to travel to certain destinations, so I became a tour leader to different countries. I just love it! Women have a great chemistry together, especially women from different part of the world. We can feel more authentic without men around, wear no makeup, and be silly together!

TRO: What is the difference between the tour packages of Tours 4 The World and Tours 4 Women?

RC: Some of the itinerary is different; it is more specific to women’s tastes, and we offer many options that appeals to all kinds of women.

TRO: Tell us about the development of the LUCKY 14 program.

RC: I love this program! How many times have we heard from travel agents that they want to bring more than one companion on a FAM Trip? “Can you make an exception just this one time?” So why not open the FAM trips to groups 4 times a year on certain packages; have your cake and eat it too! Bring your mom for the same price you pay but charge your neighbor the full price, and make some commission. Why not?

TRO: How has the travel agent community responded to LUCKY 14?

RC: They love it! Many are getting the 14 only for themselves, and others are doing an entire group!

TRO: What is your favorite travel destination to date?

RC: I have been to 66 countries to date. I am originally from Brazil, but I love traveling to Peru and to India, my two favorite countries so far.

TRO: What is on the horizon for Tours 4 The World?

RC: Our new website is coming up any minute! We are developing Diamond Packages for Divas, some special blogs and great YouTube videos, as well as webinars and Spanish Tours. We’re also bringing out many new surprises that come from brainstorming; after all, I love new ideas!

To learn more about Rosanna and Tours 4 The World, visit them online at

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