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Soar Higher With Sky Bird Travel & Tours

Sky Bird Travel & Tours will be celebrating its 40th year in business in 2016, and we’ll be rolling out new website designs, logos, and online features designed to keep us at the forefront of the airfare consolidator industry.

Soar Higher With Wings!

Our Wings Booking Engine is in the process of being redesigned for a friendlier user experience, which also includes a blog and resources page where travel agents can receive insider tips and valuable materials to help market their niche destinations. Wings has already helped countless agents secure excellent net fares from their desktops, laptops, and tablets, ensuring they are able to research quickly and book anywhere; once implemented, these changes will enhance the feel of the site and provide great resources and materials to thousands of travel industry professionals. It’s a program that Sky Bird is proud of, and we look forward to these changes.

Reliability for 40 Years

Travel agents have been relying on us since the 1970’s, and they continue to choose Sky Bird Travel & Tours because of our excellent customer service support, consistently low net fares, and dependability on receiving their commission checks on time. We take pride in the high level of customer service we offer and have a system in place that allows travel agents to go from booking to ticketing in less than 5 minutes. Our reputation goes back to 1975 when we opened a small office in the city of Detroit. We still call metro Detroit our home, but have added 9 branch offices throughout North America, as well as in Mumbai and Manila.

Land/River Packages and Groups

Sky Vacations, Sky Bird’s tour operation division, allows you to offer your customers customized land and river packages all over the world. Clients can receive established land package rates with competitive airfares, making you the go-to agent for almost any tour program they desire, in any location in the world!

If you’re booking for a group of 10 or more, we can secure a great group rate for you and your customers. Whether it’s a big family reunion, Spring Break, or a religious mission, you’ll be able to give your clients incredible fares to destinations all over the globe.

Sky Bird is Your Global Partner

Sky Bird Travel & Tours has always had the mission to be the travel agent’s global partner, and our 40 year reputation stands as a testament to these goals.  Our low net fares have allowed agents to mark-up their costs while still providing their customers with an amazing deal. So before you book, compare our fares.

For unprecedented customer service, the best net fares and reliability, make Sky Bird Travel & Tours your global partner.

For more information on Sky Bird Travel & Tours, visit them online at or call 1-888-SKY-BIRD.

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