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The One Thing: Results

“Accountable people achieve results others only dream of.”

The One Thing by Gary Keller, page 184


The travel industry is the ideal choice for those wanting to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. Why? Because you do not have to buy anything. You have equal access to virtually every product, place, and mode of transportation that everybody else has… and you don’t have to buy any products or warehouse any inventory. That is what is called “a beautiful thing.”

Click the book to grab your own copy of "The One Thing"
Click the book to grab your own copy of “The One Thing”

The extent of your success is entirely (spelled 100%) in your hands. You can become as successful as you want to be. All you need to do is decide to pay the price in both time and effort, and come to the realization that you are “accountable” for you and your actions.

I believe the reason that you are not more accountable is because you are scared of failing. You limit your “stretch” factor in favor of maintaining a safe posture. Exercising this mind-set will minimize your potential and your bank account will be noticeably limited.

As soon as you decide that you can control your future by becoming more accountable to yourself, your family, and your business, that business will start to show positive gains.

Let your competition continue to wish, hope, dream, blame, whine, and do whatever else they do to avoid becoming accountable. As for you, it is time to start keeping your own score. Start right now.






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