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To Sell Is Human: Clarity

“Today, they must be skilled at curating it – sorting through the massive trolls of data and presenting to others the most relevant and clarifying pieces.”

To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink, page 132

Chapter 6: Clarity

I hope you are beginning to see that your issues when it comes to sales are not yours alone. There appears to be massive amounts of data available to everybody regardless of the industry.

sell is human
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But as Mr. Pink suggests, your job has slowly morphed into one that involves more than “having all the answers.” Your job is to decide what information is pertinent to your client’s itinerary and to share that information in a way that can be easily internalized and used when the timing is right.

In addition, you must become good (better) at asking questions so that in turn, you can sift through the reams of available data, delete the dead wood and highlight that which is important. In other words, it is your job to help determine what is important and what is superfluous fluff.

Only you are in position to pull this off.







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