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Are you using Reddit to help your agency?

Not another social media platform…

Well, not really. It is kind of a hybrid between a forum, Facebook, a lead generator, and something else. It is billed as the “front page of the Internet”; I am, of course, talking about Reddit. Are you familiar? If not, take a look. But I do want to preface my suggestion with the warning that it is not a true lead generator and the anonymity of the Internet can turn an overt pitch into mincemeat in three clicks or less. Still, there is much to be found on Reddit.

For decades we have been told to eschew the hard sell. Position yourself as the thought leader and people will come to you. It is all solid advice and fits in well with the travel subreddit. Wade into the subreddit pool and check out the temperature. Maybe you want to watch for a little bit; maybe you want to jump right in. There are plenty of opportunities. As I write this, there are nearly 250,000 registered users and more than 200 online browsing.

What opportunities? Well, information is king and a lot of the postings are destination specific. So, by using the search feature, you can increase your knowledge base with some solid second-hand experiences. There are also plenty of opportunities to allow your professionalism and training to shine.

For example, why not respond to a thread entitled, “I think I need a travel agent”?

I have had my honeymoon set for about 4 months, and just found out that they will be doing renovations during that week. There are a few other resorts that have the time available, but it will end up more expensive than we want. We are not sure what to do at this point.

I cant even type what I’m trying to say. Basically, I need help in planning a new honeymoon and I don’t know where to start. Are there any tips, companies or anything that could help?


Now I would not go full out sales pitchy on this, but there is a perfect opportunity to respond with some qualifying questions. Establish yourself as an expert and when appropriate, allow the redditor (that’s what they’re called) the chance to communicate directly with you.

It will work… probably not immediately, but given some time and effort, you can establish yourself as the go-to source for travel.

Other topics that I saw that are just rife for a professional….

You get the idea.

There is also a wealth of information in this subreddit as well. Crowdsourced guide to travel planning has some fantastic tips—many I had not heard of or even considered. The information in this thread alone could boost your professionalism with your existing clients.

Reddit is not pretty. It is all open-sourced and self-policed by the moderators of the subreddits. And as we all should know, the Internet can be a dangerous place; but do not be afraid to search for interests (niches, destinations, travel types, etc.) to further hone your targets. There are subreddits for every topic is seems—you’ve been warned.

As with most social platforms, Reddit can be a time suck if you let it. Do not go in with the thought of “keeping up” on all the new posts—it will never happen. The ones linked here will be out of mind by the time you click on them. Go in, scan a few pages, and see if there is anything of interest.

Oh, and this should be obvious, but there is no “profile” on Reddit where you can put in links to your agency, etc., so you will need to make your expertise clear in your comments.

Have you explored Reddit? Have you had any success finding business?






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