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Experience The Personal Touch With ShoreTrips

ShoreTrips has a very hands-on approach to servicing their clients. We seek out the best tour operators and we go directly to the source to determine who we feel is the best suited to deliver a great product. We examine their equipment, hold their insurance, and build a relationship. We have met with every tour operator we work with and, by understanding the port of call and knowing the tour, we can confidently offer our activities. In addition, our tour operators are all professionals in the travel industry, guaranteed to return you to your ship on time. ShoreTrips has won the Travel Weekly Magellan Award for four consecutive years. We are also the recipient of the 2016 Gold Travvy Award for best shore excursions/shore activities.

Meet the owners Barry and Julie Karp:

imagesBarry has been a veteran of the travel industry for the last 30 years. He traveled all his life to every destination, both as a traveler and a travel agent, as well as a group leader. He has experienced first-hand the evolution of leisure travel from the days before computers to the present day.

Julie has known Barry all her life and has been doing her own traveling for just as long. She started her career as an interior designer 30 years ago, but decided to pursue travel several years ago, turning her hobby into her profession.

Both Barry and Julie have a personal touch to servicing their clients in their respective businesses, and an intuitive sense of the desires of today’s travel-savvy audience. Their mission is to allow you to enhance your port of call, whether you arrive by boat or plane. They have traveled to every spot they represent to bring you the best and the most unique offerings to fulfill any fantasy. They have worked hard to develop a way for you to have smaller, more personal tours and adventures, and yet feel secure knowing that all of the people they represent have an understanding of your expectations.

The truth is, while they live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, their home is the world – its beauty, its people, its cultures. They believe that one day is not too short a time to be touched by it all and create a day you will never forget.

For more information on ShoreTrips, visit them online at www.shoretrips.com.

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