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How To Become A Rain Maker: Pre-Calling

“It is typical for a rainmaker to spend three hours planning for a 15 minute sales call. Planning and practicing for two days to two weeks for a single call is not uncommon.”

How To Become a Rainmaker: by Jeffrey J. Fox, page 14

Chapter 5: Always Pre-Call Plan Every Sales Call

The nature of the entrepreneurial beast implies a bit of impetuousness. (I know from that which I speak.)

One of my favorite quotes from Tom Peters says: “It is amazing to me how many people in the oil business fail to get the message that in order to strike oil, one has to dig a hole.”

In layman’s terms, Tom is implying that in order for something to happen you have to do something. I must admit that I am not a textbook study in the planning process. I have learned over the years that “the plan” seldom materializes. But that is not the point.

General Eisenhower went on record to say: “The plan is nothing. Planning is everything.”

The truth is that the more planning you do, the better prepared you will be for the unexpected. Winging a sales call, or even a prospecting telephone call, is a recipe for disaster. The odds are just not with you in a world of unparalleled competition.

I am not suggesting that you plan for two full weeks, but I am recommending that you reintroduce you and your staff to the concept of homework.

It may not close the sale, but it certainly can’t do you any harm.

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