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How To Become A Rain Maker: The Point System

“There are four steps that are part of every sale. Here they are:”

How To Become a Rainmaker: by Jeffrey J. Fox, page 108

Chapter 37: Use The Point System Every Day

1. Getting a lead.

It all begins with a lead. A lead paints an attractive picture of a potential future client. There are no guarantees however. You must do your homework, and establish yourself as a source worth investigating. This could take more time than you expect.

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If you consider this part of the process more fun than work, you’ll become more successful.

2. Getting an appointment.

Once you have qualified yourself as a potential resource, and there is a true need for your service, that it is time for you to ask for a meeting. This could either be on the phone or in-person.

3. Meeting face-to-face. It has been said that selling is a contact sport. I believe this to be true and it supports the need for you to a range of a face-to-face meeting with your prospect. This truly represents an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. After all, you do represent the difference.

4. Getting a commitment. If your meeting goes as planned, and you do more listening than speaking you will find yourself at a crossroads. As uncomfortable as this may be at times, it is time for you to suggest a commitment in some shape or form. This may come as a next step in the relationship, for a deposit placed to secure hey firm booking.

In review before step sales process consists of ascertaining a lead, scheduling an appointment, discussing the many options, and planning the next step.




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