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How To Become A Rain Maker: Lagniappe

“Once a customer hires you to do a job, they don’t want to know your problems doing the job. They don’t care. Do a wonderful job, do it on time, do it on budget, don’t complain, and give the customer a little extra.”

How To Become A Rain Maker, by Jeffrey J. Fox, page 94

One of the hardest lessons one learns on their way to becoming successful in business is that nobody cares about you. Specifically, people care about themselves, and have little interest in your problems or the obstacles you have had to overcome along your journey to Successville.

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Your job… is to do your job. That means: head up, eyes straight, and two hands on the wheel. You do what you say you will do, and you do it with personality, confidence, and flair. You do it on time… every time.

Of course you will be faced with obstacles and more than a few surprises. That is the nature of the beast and what puts the “air beneath your wings.” You thrive on challenges and make it your business to celebrate the joys of a job well done.

There comes a time for you to “put the cherry on top.” The Louisiana-French term for this is called ‘lagniappe.’ It comes into play once the job is completed to your satisfaction and it is time for a little “value-added.” It is time to do one more thing: something unexpected, and something special. It is time to do something meaningful and appreciated.

This is where I turn things over to you and your creativity. You must determine your ‘lagniappe’ based on your personality and budgetary constraints. It does not have to cost much, but it does need to be appreciated and eye-catching. More often than not, it should be associated with the word “WOW!”

So when it is time for you to do your job, hit the decks running and prepared to “do your thing.” Give your prospects and clients some “WOW!”



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