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Travel Chic With Cosmopolitan Travel Service

Cosmopolitan Travel Service has made a name for itself in the travel industry as the fastest growing air consolidator for the past decade. Since 1970, CTS has been evolving to constantly meet the needs of our clients.

Headquartered in Detroit, we also have branches in New York, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, Lima Peru, and Athens Greece. Cosmopolitan also employs some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry with an average of 15 years in the business. Read the rest of this entry »

“You already know that if you ask questions, your prospects will see you as more competent and caring.”

Snap Selling– Jill Konrath, page 178

Chapter 22: Invaluable: Be An Everyday Value Creator

You should also know that all questions are not the same. Most questions can be asked by anybody and can be classified as “plain vanilla.” These simple and obvious questions do not necessitate any thought other than a quick, knee-jerk response. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is that garlic I smell?

The lovely little town of Delray Beach is situated along the pristine beaches of South Florida between the towns of Boynton Beach and Deerfield Beach, 15 miles south of West Palm Beach. That’s a lot of beaches.

That smell wafting in the background is from Delray and it has nothing to do with tidal wash or expired sea creatures. It is coming from Old School Square where the Annual Garlic Festival is taking place. I went. I browsed. I smelled. Boy did I smell! Read the rest of this entry »

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Savor The Tranquility Of Villefranche With ShoreTrips

Settled right in between France and Monaco, Villefranche is a small fishing village that exudes all of the charm and exquisite beauty that comes to mind when one hears the phrase “French Riviera”. This lovely town offers all the French atmosphere and charisma without the overwhelming crowds, including beautiful beaches, fantastic medieval structures, and intriguing art and museum displays. ShoreTrips is your ticket to this warm and welcoming strip along the Riviera!

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“Remember, frazzled customers want to work with experts. Fortunately, they don’t demand perfection. They do, however, expect you to have a strong working knowledge of what’s important to them, and the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Your credibility is contingent upon it.”

Snap Selling– Jill Konrath, page 164

Chapter 20: Become the Expert They Can’t Live Without

The problem in the travel industry (and most every industry) is that there is a shortage of experts. Most people talk a good game by pretending that they have the qualifications to rise to the top of their game. The sad truth is that very few pay the price and make the effort to excel; to really be the best; to become a true, unquestionable expert. Read the rest of this entry »

I am Monique Gramby, Romance Travel and Cruise Specialist for White Sand Travel and I also hold the title of Business Manager. As a whole, our Agency consists of various specialties in different areas including destination weddings, honeymoon travel, and cruises. I particularly enjoy family travel with my husband and teenage daughter. Before I go any further, let me just say how excited I am to be a part of TRO Diaries! Read the rest of this entry »

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Phil Cappelli, President of Insight Vacations USA

Phil CappelliFollowing 16 successful years in the luxury escorted travel industry, Phil Cappelli was named President of Insight Vacations, USA in 2014. Cappelli began his career in the travel industry with Tauck as a Reservations Supervisor in 1998 and was promoted with rapid succession, eventually becoming the Director of North American Sales. Travel Agent Magazine featured Cappelli as a “Rising Star” and selected him for their coveted “30 Under 30” program based on his influential work following the 9/11 tragedy and contagious enthusiasm for effective communication and teamwork.
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“Research shows that your brain is not capable of processing two distinctly different activities simultaneously.”

Snap Selling– Jill Konrath, page 152

Chapter 19: Aligned: Assessing Business Value

At first I was immediately drawn to the concept of multitasking when I read this particular phrase. As you know I frown on multitasking and I do not give much validity to the reasoning behind its practice. Read the rest of this entry »

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February can be a stressful month for many. We have Valentines Day (and if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears), we are in the midst of Wave Season, toss in a little Zika Virus and… well, you get the picture. So, I wanted to take a little time to maybe elicit a smile.

Recently an old article from the Tropical Nomad re-surfaced Read the rest of this entry »

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King Cartoons – February 5, 2016


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Getting Out of the Caribbean

Susan SchaeferThe Caribbean and Bahamas are the default itineraries for most first time and infrequent cruisers departing from the US. There is a variety in the ports of call to ensure that clients don’t have to continually repeat the same ports every time they sail; but that only lasts for so long. When your clients’ have done a half dozen or more cruises in the Caribbean, and their criteria becomes “new ports we haven’t been to before,” your challenge is to move them away from the Caribbean.

Cruising the Caribbean and Bahamas is definitely convenient. Embarkation ports are easy to fly to, and relatively inexpensive compared to international airfare. In many cases, heartier clients are willing to drive up to 14 hours to get to a port in order to bypass paying for airfare and dealing with the less-than-friendly TSA process. However, when they decide that St. Thomas falls into the “been there, done that” category and they have no desire to go back, what do you do? You can sell the ship as the destination, but that usually wears thin quickly as well. Read the rest of this entry »

“In the first 18 years of your life you learn to be like everybody else. From age 18 on, you should be developing your uniqueness.”

The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 192

Chapter 7 : Design of Sales

I am afraid I can’t alter the first 18 years of your life. Good, bad or indifferent you managed to get through them to where you are today. Everything and anything that has happened up to this moment in time qualifies as “yesterday’s news.” Done. Finished. Caput. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom Varghese, Travel Tom

Many travel professionals come from a variety of walks of life, and have made travel their second career. This holds true for Tom Varghese as well. Before he opened his agency, Travel Tom, he was a Vice President for a major Wall Street corporation. We recently sat down with Tom and talked about his transition from Corporate America to travel agency owner, as well as his unique perspective on the travel industry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Note: As were others, I was saddened by the suicide bomber attack in Istanbul that occurred on January 12. Since the attack, a handful of cruise lines have canceled calls to Istanbul (and some for all of Turkey) for the upcoming season. Having traveled extensively throughout Turkey this past fall, I wish for Turkey’s speedy return to cruise itineraries. I can’t think of a more hospitable nation — or one that is more culturally rich than Turkey and its star city, Istanbul.

First, there is the traffic. The streets and highways are clogged, at all times of day. Getting between the airport and the cruise ship — or between the cruise ship and the major attractions — takes a vigilant, patient driver, and that’s best left in the hands of someone else, especially when there is so much to see that you would be craning your neck if you were in the driver’s seat. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Sale: Stop Being Ordinary

“You must study hard and never slack in your efforts, because if you do, you will be nothing but an ordinary being.”

The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 189

Chapter 7 : The Zen of Sales

I don’t think that “ordinary” is the label most competitive people seek. Yet that is exactly what most salespeople become at the end of their sales career, with much of the thanks going to the fact that they become lazy over time. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the valley between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River along the border of Wyoming and Idaho is Jackson Hole, so named by trappers who could only enter the valley through deep slopes and fell as if they were descending into a pit. With the largest and most active airport in Wyoming, Jackson Hole is popular for any visitor looking for more of a down-to-earth vacation experience, including trout fishing, ranch stays, white water rafting, and horseback riding. However, if you’re still hoping for a touch of the cosmopolitan, then take advantage of the spectacular shopping, stunning nature-inspired art, delicious hearty cuisine and elegant fare, and plenty of wellness programs for mind, body, and spirit. Read the rest of this entry »

“What makes a good salesperson? It’s your genetics and physical mold plus a lifetime of successes and failures that determine who you become.”

 The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 231

Chapter 8 : Hybrid Vigor

I am not buying into this quote hook, line and sinker. Read the rest of this entry »

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As baby boomers are hitting their mid-sixties, the rate of travel agency acquisitions is accelerating. Innovative Travel Acquisitions, Inc. has its finger on the pulse of the market and have now completed 602 successful closing transactions since our inception in 1991.

The market changes from year to year. Sometimes it is a buyer’s market, sometimes it is a seller’s market. Sometimes it is pretty neutral. Right now, we are in a strong seller’s market and for those considering a sale, it is all about the last 24 months of sales! Anything beyond that is inconsequential. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Sale: Fail to Learn

“Each failure is considered an opportunity to learn.”

The Art of the SalePhilip Delves Broughton, page 222

Chapter 8 : A Hybrid Vigor

We are taught from a very early age to avoid failure. I am one of the few who spotted the folly in this advice years ago and as a result, have been preaching the benefits of failing for over 30 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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One of the most popular areas in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is filled with much of that quintessential tropical allure: exotic wildlife, fresh beaches, and fragrant foliage around every corner. Whether you’re looking to escape into the jungle or stretch out one the beach to get some sun, Costa Rica Dream Adventures is your ticket to one of the most exquisite locations on Earth!

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Hi, I’m Vincent Soriano, Founder and Managing Director of Art Of Travel, a company incorporated in Prague, Czech Republic. Originally from the Philippines, I first visited Prague in the late 90’s and immediately fell in love with it.

Working then as head of sales for an independent 5 star resort in Thailand with 1,100 rooms and a Convention Center for 6,000 guests, my job was to literally travel around the world to promote the resort. For the owners, they firmly believed that face-to-face meetings were the best way to win business. Read the rest of this entry »