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Selling the Invisible: Fallacy – Strategy is King

“Tactics drive strategy. Do anything.”

Selling the InvisibleHarry Beckwith, page 61

Personally, I have always found the word “strategically” to be a bit intimidating. The fact alone that it has 13 letters flies in the face of the advice I was given as a kid to “use small words in short sentences.”

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I am not saying strategy is not a decent idea. It is. Especially in football games and chess matches. But strategy consists of an idea: it is a plan, an example of optimistic thinking.

But to honor your strategy as the cure-all when growing your business is similar in my mind to arriving at a mathematical equation capable of selecting the winning Power Ball numbers.

When I commiserate with one of my friends who happens to be financially well-off by my definition, we often end up talking about the different levels of success in any industry.

His answer in just about every instance is, “The successful people do something.”

Tom Peters, who wrote “In Search of Excellence” with Bob Waterman back in the early 80’s, said it differently: “It amazes me how many people in the oil business fail to get the message that in order to strike oil, you have to dig a hole.”

Strategy may point you in the right direction. Action is what will result in paying your bills. Do something. Do anything.




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