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Selling the Invisible: Positioning a Small Service

“In positioning, don’t try to hide your small size. Make it work by stressing its advantages, such as responsiveness and individual attention.”

Selling the InvisibleHarry Beckwith, page 120

Not long ago there was (and probably still is) a service on the web that answered your phone like you were a huge company. The operator would ask the caller what department they were interested in and read a litany of options. They then offered to patch you through to extension 4535. “Wow! I must be talking to a real Big Shot.”

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When I read about this “ruse” I remember thinking to myself, “Why would anybody leave corporate America to become an entrepreneur only to pay a service firm to make them look like corporate America?”

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get this straight: “You is who you is.” Harry suggests in this quote that you take full advantage of your size, abilities, personality, freedom to respond, sense of humor, lack of political correctness where necessary, and your free “hall pass” whenever you need to take a break, and play to these strengths.










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