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Selling the Invisible: The Grocery List Problem

“Saying many things usually communicates nothing.”

Selling the InvisibleHarry Beckwith, page 172

For nearly 30 years I have been sharing my business views with travel professionals at industry meetings largely sponsored and supported by travel suppliers.

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Prior to my introduction, the supplier is usually given a few minutes to address the audience. This is as it should be. But from my viewpoint waiting in the wings, this is where the “wheels fall off the machine.”

Since their “day-in-court” is so brief, the majority of suppliers take two deep breaths and then perform an award winning “Data-Dump.” In their allotted time (plus another 10 minutes) the business development managers manage to stuff 20 pounds of product-oriented information into a three-pound sack. They feel they have done their job, but in truth they just spewed useless information at a room full of glazed-over professionals.

Result: No benefit to anybody. “Now, I would like to introduce you to today’s speaker…” That always has been a tough act to follow.

I am sure you do the same thing when given a few minutes to explain your services to prospects. You feel you need to say everything there is to say in a short period of time. You probably arrive at the same result: Nada.

Pick, choose, or select a single idea, concept, or opinion, and stick to the salient points. You will feel better. Your audience will hear your message. Your banker will thank you for the larger deposits. Everybody wins.




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