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Snap Selling: Be Caring, Be Invaluable

“You already know that if you ask questions, your prospects will see you as more competent and caring.”

Snap Selling– Jill Konrath, page 178

Chapter 22: Invaluable: Be An Everyday Value Creator

You should also know that all questions are not the same. Most questions can be asked by anybody and can be classified as “plain vanilla.” These simple and obvious questions do not necessitate any thought other than a quick, knee-jerk response.

Click the book to grab your own copy of "Snap Selling"
Click the book to grab your own copy of “Snap Selling”

What makes more sense and results in deeper and more meaningful conversations are questions that require the recipient to “analyze, compare, contrast, assess, create, synthesize, and evaluate.”

These questions are not delivered automatically or without a modicum of due diligence, homework, and pre-call research. There are as many questions as there are sales people to ask them. Therefore, I can’t list the good ones in this column without creating industry mayhem. I will, however, leave you with the type of question I am talking about. I hope this example will get your brain thinking and conjuring up your own good questions.

“Mr. or Mrs. Prospective Vacationer, when working with other families preparing annual vacations I find they are typically concerned with four very basic criteria: ease of communication, product familiarity, attention to details, and recommendations based on. Can you tell me which one of these factors is most important to you and why?”







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