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Snap Selling: Customers Want Credible Experts

“Remember, frazzled customers want to work with experts. Fortunately, they don’t demand perfection. They do, however, expect you to have a strong working knowledge of what’s important to them, and the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Your credibility is contingent upon it.”

Snap Selling– Jill Konrath, page 164

Chapter 20: Become the Expert They Can’t Live Without

The problem in the travel industry (and most every industry) is that there is a shortage of experts. Most people talk a good game by pretending that they have the qualifications to rise to the top of their game. The sad truth is that very few pay the price and make the effort to excel; to really be the best; to become a true, unquestionable expert.

Click the book to grab your own copy of "Snap Selling"
Click the book to grab your own copy of “Snap Selling”

It doesn’t take long before a prospect (or client) sees or witnesses enough to make a judgment call either in your favor or against you. An expert is an expert ALL the time, not just when it is convenient. You must deliver the goods day in and day out whether you feel like it or not.

To maintain expert status in the eyes of your customer, your training and study must continue throughout the relationship. This is where the hard work comes in. You must continue to study your trade and more specifically, you must study the behavior of people.

You can Google behavioral science if you wish, but I recommend that you start paying attention to the people who are already close to you and making human decisions daily. Reading anything you can get your hands on relating to sales and marketing is also a good idea.

The books I am featuring in this column are as good as any to help elevate you to expert status.







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