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So, what does a trophy plaque have to do with your travel business?

The prize we play for once a year is called The Guernsey Goblet. It has a figure of a cow on the top of a 13-inch trophy and might be considered is ugly as sin. The tournament consists of four men representing two college fraternities from The University of Massachusetts circa 1970. For the record, Theta Chi has one plaque and TEP has three wins to date.

This is where the story unfolds; and where I deliver a sales message that might just change your life forever… for the better.

You see, what I have is a plaque in need of some engraving.

I recently found time to address this item on my to-do list, and as most people would do, I turned to the Internet, the world’s most impersonal source of information. I Googled my zip code along with the word “engraving.” And to no surprise, I was looking down the barrel of a dozen candidates.

I assumed every company on the list had some sort of engraving equipment, and I knew that two lines of engraving on a single plate would not send any engraver into a euphoric state. I expected the price to be what it was and unless it was an absurd quote, I was willing to pay to get the job. After all, it was The Guernsey Goblet.

I began making phone calls and also to no surprise, I began to get voice mail. Some messages were what I call a “tad terse” in that they did not elicit a welcoming feeling. But here comes the message and I hope you hear it loud and clear.

The first engraver who greeted me like a valued customer and made me feel like I was not bothering them was about to get the opportunity to “name their price.” You see I had a problem that needing fixing. I was not overly concerned about price. I was not interested to learn what engraving degree they earned in college. I could not have cared less about their last twenty engraving jobs. I didn’t care about their state-of-the-art engraving equipment. All I cared about was:

  • Were they interested in hearing about my problem
  • Could they fix it

It really was that simple!

My personal interpretation of their concern would be the only sales job required.

Are there people who just care about price? Absolutely. Do some buyers get their knickers in a twist over credentials and an impressive “Who’s Who List” of clients? I am sure of it. But please never underestimate the power of trust and interest when coupled with a little skill.

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