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The Art of the Sale: Develop Your Uniqueness

“In the first 18 years of your life you learn to be like everybody else. From age 18 on, you should be developing your uniqueness.”

The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 192

Chapter 7 : Design of Sales

I am afraid I can’t alter the first 18 years of your life. Good, bad or indifferent you managed to get through them to where you are today. Everything and anything that has happened up to this moment in time qualifies as “yesterday’s news.” Done. Finished. Caput.

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What you do have control over is everything from this moment forward. If you are interested in pursuing a successful business career, you have your hands full in figuring out how you can distance yourself from the competition. And we all know there is plenty of competition these days.

The majority of travel professionals approach this challenge by spending too much time playing “me-too, only better.” They feel that their efforts are not being rewarded, and they are being short-changed at every turn. If they spent this time working on their differentiating points they would find that they have no time to complain.

You can think back on the first 18 years of your life and either smile or frown, but it is the next 18 years that is going to make all the difference in the world. How are you going to spend the next 18? How are you planning to distance yourself from the competition? What are you going to do (what can you do?) to make more people feel glad they know you? What exactly makes you unique? These are the questions that deserve some well-thought out answers. The game begins… now.






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