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The Art of the Sale: Less Talk, More Inquisition

“Sales people make the mistake of vomiting information all over their customers.”

The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 135

Chapter 4 : I Believe

This is a direct quote and although it may sound a bit graphical, I think it conveys today’s point loud and clear.

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The reason is simple. It has become tremendously difficult to schedule face time or even phone time with prospects, so the salesperson feels that they must take full advantage of this small window of opportunity and tell their “victim” everything there is to know. This is more often than not a HUGE mistake, an ENORMOUS error and a MONUMENTAL example of poor judgment.

The practice of spewing information in a rapid delivery on unsuspecting targets is often referred to as a Data Dump. It has proven time and time again to be a waste of effort, and yet the majority of salespeople still practice this exercise in futility.

What is the better way? Ask more questions. Delve deeper into the prospect’s past to determine if there is a trend worth investigating. Listen more intently before offering your interpretations.

In short, replace every “period” in your sentences with a “question mark.” Less talk. More inquisition.







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