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The Art of the Sale: Stop Being Ordinary

“You must study hard and never slack in your efforts, because if you do, you will be nothing but an ordinary being.”

The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 189

Chapter 7 : The Zen of Sales

I don’t think that “ordinary” is the label most competitive people seek. Yet that is exactly what most salespeople become at the end of their sales career, with much of the thanks going to the fact that they become lazy over time.

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I am not referring to their sleeping habits. I am suggesting that their study habits have long gone by the wayside once they leave formal schooling.

I was reminded recently that people “Practice Law” for the simple reason that the law is constantly in flux, and that practitioners must continue to change with the times. My question to you now then becomes, “Why don’t we Practice Sales since people are constantly in flux, and sales, after all, is about dealing with people?

This column is not about me, but my sales library consisting of over 300 volumes. I am quick to mention that I not only have read each book, magazine, and sales-related article more than once, but I have done a pretty good job of highlighting and dog-earing certain pages while scribbling notes of all sizes and detail on the inside and outside book jacket.

I consider myself to be a true student of the game… and I am just a few years south of 70 years-old, still eager to learn. Are you?

If you consider yourself an active player in the game, then I strongly recommend that you continue to study, practice, learn, and grow as a professional. Practice Sales. It is when you stop that you start becoming ordinary.




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