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Duct Tape Marketing: Think Big For Referrals

“Marketing is a lot like dating. First you go to a movie followed by a sequence of events leading to commitment.”

Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch, page 187

Chapter 11: Ramp Up Your Referral Machine

One major shortcoming of today’s sales professional is their failure to openly ask for referrals. Perhaps it sounds pushy to them, or they have an unspoken fear of rejection or embarrassment. Whatever the reason, you are probably leaving dollars on the table.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Duct Tape Marketing"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Duct Tape Marketing”

Asking for a referral can be as easy as saying, “Do you have any friends or acquaintances who you feel might also enjoy the services we are providing? This is my primary way to grow my business. I would be grateful for any names you can think of.”

I was taught a number of years ago to always ask for more than one name. If you ask for three there is a good chance your satisfied client will think of one. If you ask for five you might get two names. When you ask for one, often times they come up empty. Think big. Ask for five.









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