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Indulge in Israel’s Most Luxurious Accommodations with Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels of Israel is the country’s longest-established deluxe and first-class hotel chain. Its beginnings date back to June 1947, when two brothers, Yekutiel and Shmuel Federmann, purchased the “Kaete Dan”, a 21-room guest house on the Tel Aviv sea shore, with the vision that Israel would one day become a tourist destination. Today, the chain includes 12 deluxe hotels in prime locations around the country, an international convention center, a hotel training school, and the Dan Lounges at Ben Gurion airport. The flagship hotel, the King David Jerusalem, regularly hosts visiting dignitaries and is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Dan Hotels has led the development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Israel. From its founding, Dan Hotels has set high standards in all its hotels, and has been the hotel industry’s standard bearer, through its work procedures and professional training of all employees.

All Dan hotels provide facilities for vacationers and business people alike, with various sizes of conference and meeting rooms, including all the expected hi-tech equipment and state-of-the-art relaxation areas, such as the spa and fitness rooms, well-equipped gyms, swimming pools, and various sporting activities.

The Dan chain is proud of its achievements in providing a unique hospitality experience at international standards – often beyond the expectations of its visitors – and regularly welcomes returning guests. The group also re-invests in their properties, constantly upgrading guestrooms and public areas to ensure their high standards are maintained. In addition to the King David hotel, the Dan chain includes the “Dan” brand of hotels, Deluxe accommodations, and the “Panorama” brand of hotels in Israel, which includes First and Superior class rooms.

The Group believes that its businesses should be managed with integrity, honesty, and adherence to its vision:

“Provide guests with service above expectations and nurture employees.”

These are the values to which Dan hotels is uncompromisingly committed. They are of vital importance in gaining the trust of guests, customers, company employees, business partners, suppliers, and shareholders. These binding values are key factors in the Group’s past, present and future success.

The Dan Hotels is also committed to helping preserve the environment and protect their natural resources, and encourages their employees, guests, and trade partners to do so as well. Some of the initiatives Dan Group is currently working on include equipping their hotels with isolated windows to increase thermal efficiency; installing heat recover systems to heat pools from the residual heat expelled by their air conditioning systems; and converting antiquated water tower cooling systems to air cooling systems.

The Dan Group also operates Dan Gourmet, a gourmet cooking school in Tel Aviv setting new standards for studying the art of cooking, baking, and pastry arts in Israel, and meets the most stringent of requirements used in professional cooking schools around the world. With huge kitchens equipped with the most advanced technology of its kind, Dan Gourmet brings exciting culinary individual and team work in the best learning conditions.

The chain has continually been under the management of members of the Federmann family, who ensure that the name Dan remains synonymous with excellence in the field of hospitality. Dan Hotels has been the recipient of many awards over the years, reflecting the effort, thought, and attention to detail that is encouraged in all staff members who are trained to give Dan guests “an experience beyond their expectation.”

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