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Journey to Charming Warnemünde With ShoreTrips

Beaches, cafés, and lighthouses: these may not be the first words you think of when you hear the word “Germany”, but it certainly should be. Germany has its own hidden beach village right on the coast of the Baltic Sea, the balmy port of Warnemünde. Let ShoreTrips take you to this gorgeous German beach town and explore all the stunning sights!

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Ships on the Baltic Sea off the coast of Warnemünde
[/media-credit] Ships on the Baltic Sea off the coast of Warnemünde
Warnemünde Beach
[/media-credit] Warnemünde Beach and Lighthouse
A lighthouse at Warnemünde
[/media-credit] One of the many lighthouses at Warnemünde
  • The village and port of Warnemünde was founded over eight centuries ago, a small fishing village off the Baltic Sea. The small town had little to no influence on its neighbors until the 19th century, when it slowly developed into a significant seaside resort. Today the town is a popular Western European cruise port, with long, soft, and white beaches for cruisers to enjoy as they disembark.
  • The Warnemünde Lighthouse dates back to the late 19th century, when disputes between the town of Rostock, the financiers, and the district administrator delayed the project three decades. Until the 1920’s, the light was fueled by petroleum, but with electricity becoming all the rage quickly switched over. The lighthouse can be climbed via a spiral granite staircase, which leads all the way to the top. Enthusiastic volunteers give fantastic tours of the lighthouse, and every year on New Year’s Day the lighthouse is lit up in a light and firework show known as “Lighthouse on Fire”.
  • The neogothic Kirchplatz is an imposing church in the city of Rostock, a landmark for over six hundred years. The original church burned down twice over the centuries before the present building was built in 1872. The building is decorating with many of the images of Saint Christopher, who spent his life helping people cross dangerous waters, significant to the locals who made their living on the water. Two votive ships are on display in the church, unusual for a house of worship but highly appropriate for a fishing and seaside town.
  • Rostock is the city into which Warnemünde is incorporated, done so in 1323 to ensure Rostock’s access to the Baltic Sea. The city has plenty to offer everyone, including beaches, zoos, and golf courses. Restaurants here include Irish pubs, piano bars, and quaint cafés, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, everyone in your party will be filled up and satisfied. Some of the largest and most fascinating sights you will see in the city are the remnants of the massive 55-foot tall city walls; be sure to stop and take pictures!

Take A Breath In Amazing Warnemünde With ShoreTrips!

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Berlin has gone through more transformation than any other major city since the 1940s and has become one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in all of Europe. With the cruise ship pier located about 2.5 hours from Berlin it is important to manage your time in a city this rich with history. With the most important stops picked out, your guide will paint the perfect picture of this historic city both past and present.


You will be met by your driver who will take you through the countryside of Germany and bring you to Berlin, where you’ll meet your personal guide. Your guide will be a real character of the city, someone who studied history or architecture, has years of experience in guiding, and is eager to show you his hometown in a vivid and in-depth conversation. You will first drive through the East of Berlin, where you will meet your guide. Discover with him Karl-Marx-Allee, former Stalin-Allee, the must-see central boulevard of the former GDR, erected in the unique Soviet “sugar bakery” style.


Jewish Berlin is back on today’s city skyline with the magnificently restored golden dome of the 19th century New Synagogue. The home of Moses Mendelssohn and the Jewish Enlightenment, Rachel Varnhagen and her famous salons, Abraham Geiger and Reform Judaism, Berlin is one of Jewish Europe’s most exciting cities. Many moving memorials testify to the Holocaust. The most famous among them is the new Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, designed by New York architect Peter Eisenman. Its location in the city center, right next to the Brandenburg Gate, attests to the importance of remembrance in Germany.

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