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Take A Stroll Through Brilliant Mykonos With Homeric Tours

One of the most stunning cruising destinations in the Mediterranean, Mykonos has enjoyed a thriving tourism industry for over five decades. The huge multitude of breathtaking beaches, romantic getaways, and fascinating nooks and crannies in the island’s towns to explore have delighted visitors, from newcomers to long-time guests. Homeric Tours is your authority on this gorgeous Cycladic island and its warm and friendly people!

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The island of Mykonos at sunset
[/media-credit] The island of Mykonos at sunset
Windmills on Mykonos
[/media-credit] Windmills on Mykonos
Super Paradise Beach
[/media-credit] Super Paradise Beach
  • The first people to live on the island of Mykonos were a tribe of the Neolithic Kares people in 3000 BCE, but the first true settlers came to the island in the 11th century from Athens. Like much of the ancient world, Mykonos was incorporated into the Roman empire until its collapse, and then absorbed into the Byzantine empire until its subsequent collapse as well. The island passed hands from the Venetians to the Ottomans until the Greek Revolution in the 19th century, when the entire country became an independent state.
  • Mykonos’s popularity as a beach destination is due in great part to its 300 annual days of sunshine, with the rainy period between February and March. The island stays warm much of the year, averaging around 82°F in the summer and 59°F in the winter, making it perfect for anyone looking to soak in the Mediterranean sunshine.
  • One of the main towns on the island, Chora is a quintessential white-washed Greek village with a long fishing tradition. However, today Mykonos takes in most of its income from the thriving tourism industry swarming in from cruise ships. Jackie Kennedy Onassis brought attention to the island and the village with her visit, creating a tourism storm that has lasted over five decades. The village is filled with narrow alleys that make traveling by foot the most practical choice for seeing the town, as the streets are often too narrow for cars or scooters to navigate freely. Be on the lookout for the town’s mascot, Petros the pelican; this pelican was found wounded in 1958 and brought back to vitality by the locals. After he was named the mascot for the island, the original Petros was unfortunately killed in 1985 when he was hit by a car. However, a new Petros was quickly named, and he can be seen strolling casually through the streets and along the waterfront (and has a particular fondness for having his picture taken!).
  • One of the iconic images of Mykonos, the stunning white windmills are located in the village of Chora. These windmills are visible from every corner of the island, a true focal point as visitors come in via boat or cruise ship. The windmills were utilized in the 16th to mid-20th century to mill wheat and were a vital source of income for the islanders. Similar windmills can be found on other Cyclades islands as well. One of the windmills has been converted into a museum, and the windmills are also the perfect backdrop for a Mediterranean destination wedding.
  • Considered one of the most picturesque and romantic areas on the entire island, Little Venice started as a row of fishing houses and merchant homes. Because of the underground storage and immediate access to the sea, many rumors circulated that some of the residents were secretly pirates. Over the years the homes were converted into bars, restaurants, and boutiques. But the true draw of the neighborhood is its clear view of the sun setting on the Mediterranean, the brilliant hues of fire red and purple drawing in visitors every time.
  • Of course, one of the biggest activities that Mykonos offers is its absolutely stunning beaches, over 25 of them to choose from. One of the most popular (and consequently can be the most crowded) is Super Paradise beach. This beach is definitely adults-only, catering more to the nude and gay clientele than families. For a quieter and more family-friendly experience, consider visiting the Lia or Agios Stefanos; these beaches are further from the major towns, but tend to stay less crowded even during peak tourism season.

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Greece is filled with some of the great wonders of the world. Whether you are exploring the ancient archaeological sites in Athens or dancing the night away on Mykonos, you can be sure that Greece has a wonderful experience made just for you. Try snorkeling in the blue-green crystal waters, be inspired on Patmos where John the Divine wrote the book of Revelations, immerse yourself in the medieval old town on Rhodes, home to the Knights of St. John, or become acquainted with the ancient civilization of the Minoans at the Palace of Knossos – all while sailing on the Aegean Sea on your four-day cruise.

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Gaze upon the historical hill of the Acropolis, crowned by the renowned Parthenon dedicated to the goddess of Athens, and visit the modern imposing bright Acropolis Museum housing the most famous works of classical antiquity. Everyone knows you can spend some relaxing days on the beaches of Mykonos but you can also enjoy the “Little Venice” area with its windmills and otherworldly sunsets. Join the cruise in Mykonos and explore more islands and classical sites, including the world famous Library of Celsus in Ephesus and House of the Virgin May located nearby. Spend the day in Rhodes where you can ascend to the Acropolis of Lindos, stroll the Street of the Knights or relax on the beautiful picture perfect Tsampika beach. Finally, rekindle your romance or start a new one during your three-night stay in Santorini.

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Mykonos, voted as one of Europe’s best islands, has enchanted visitors with its traditional architecture, whitewashed houses, tiny chapels, narrow winding streets, sandy beaches, blue-green crystal clear waters and its famous nightlife. Dine at top-rate restaurants, dance at elegant nightclubs or sit at a table at the waterfront and enjoy the serenity of the sun setting over the picturesque harbor. Whatever your vacation needs, you will find it in Mykonos. Santorini, the enchanting island of the Southern Aegean Sea, is a miracle. Santorini’s wild beauty, unique architecture, black and red beaches, its 3,500 archaeological site at Akrotiri, famous wineries and dramatically aesthetic sunsets attract visitors to this tiny island from all over the world. Santorini is perhaps the most stunning landscape the world has to offer.

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