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The Professional Service Firm: Grab A Brighter Future

“Weed out the drab, the dull, the dreary…”

The Professional Service Firm from the Reinventing Work series by Tom Peters, page 44

Create An Immodest Current Project List

This may be the most difficult challenge I give you all year. You have heard me suggest this before, and I am very serious. It will not sound logical and it won’t be an easy pill to swallow.

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Terminate business relationships with the bottom 10% of your client list. “WHAT? What did he say?” If 10% gives you sleepless nights, then cut the bottom 5%.

It makes no sense to me whatsoever for you to spend time on people who do not contribute to your success by depressing you every time you are in their company.

Tom Peters refers to it as “Drab, dull, and dreary.” I prefer to reference them as “Boring, complaining, energy-sapping, whining, and negative.”

The sad news is that there are a lot of this category of client traveling around the globe today. My question to you is: “What are you planning to do about it?”

I am with Tommy. Weed out the deadbeats. Your brighter future depends on it.






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