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The Professional Service Firm: What Are YOU Recognized For?

“A Professional Service Firm is well-known for something. It has a recognizable signature and a Distinguishable Approach To Solving Problems.”

The Professional Service Firm from the Reinventing Work series by Tom Peters

News Flash! You are a professional service firm. You need to be recognized for “something.” What niche are you known for, respected for, and actively sought out for?

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I am afraid that the vast majority of practitioners in our industry can’t answer this question without hemming and hawing. The truth is that becoming known for something special is a personal challenge that few agents want to accept.

You may have gotten away with playing “me-too” up to this point, but I want to issue this serious warning. To follow a generalist’s path moving forward could prove to be a very poor decision.

Your approach to researching, booking, and managing client itineraries needs to be different enough from the alternative options if you want to continue cashing profitable checks.








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