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You, Inc.: Believe

“‘Think you can’” is a good advice, even if it has become so common it sounds ordinary.”

You, Inc. by Harry Beckwith, page 205

You Gotta Believe

Years ago, the New York Mets baseball team consisted of a bunch of hacks who happened to own baseball gloves and who knew how to hold (I did not say swing) a bat. I can say this since I have been a Mets fan since Casey Stengel introduced the squad to The Big Apple in 1962.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "You, Inc."
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “You, Inc.”

It wasn’t until 1973 that Tug McGraw introduced the slogan “You gotta believe,” and before you could say, “You’re blind ump!” the Mets had won the big one. You have to believe.

I believe that many practitioners in the travel industry do not believe. They may start a business but they don’t really feel that they can sustain a livelihood working in this low margin field. They don’t believe they can compete with the Internet or Costco. They don’t believe that they provide a valuable service to their clients.

They don’t believe that they can actually charge a fee for all the work, research, and follow-up they offer. They simply do not believe.

The book sites a great business book titled, “The Engine That Thought It Could.” You may remember it as a children’s book that helps you learn how to read. I remember it as a book that underscored the value of positive thinking and belief in the task at hand.

The next time you have a few minutes on your hand, you might want to track down a copy of that little book and read it with your future in mind.




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