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Have you ever watched someone really do their job?

I love to watch professionals ply their trade.

A few years back, I hired a man to dig a hole in my backyard and he used a machine called a “Bobcat.”  A Bobcat is a hole digging machine on 4 wheels… a mini bulldozer. I was digging a hole for a swimming pool and this guy could make that machine “sing.” Can you sing?

Within minutes of arriving, he was bobbing and weaving while a perfectly smooth and level hole was being created in my backyard.

This hole (conservatively) would have taken me 7 days and a whole lot of back pain. As I watched him work his magic, I thought of what professionalism really means.

This guy not only knew what he was doing, but he probably knew it better than 99% of the people in his business.

  • Do you know what you are doing?
  • Better than anyone else?
  • Can you save your clients time, pain, and stress by plying your trade with skill and dexterity?
  • Do people stop and gawk at you while you are performing your skills?
  • Do people want to pay you extra for a job well done?

With time and a little pain, most people can probably accomplish what it is you do for a living. But can you do it better, faster, and with greater skill?

Can you make your own Bobcat dance?

I marveled at the way this man worked. He was good and in addition to paying the invoice price, I tipped him an extra couple of bucks as my way of saying, “Thanks for the entertainment.”

Make it your business to work your magic. Strive towards making your clients marvel at your skills in the way you get the job done. There are too many people who are simply taking up space. Don’t be one of them.

Be good at what you do. Know what you’re doing.

Go out and make your Bobcat dance.

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