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Putting Out of Your Mind: See It Through

“Gradually, I learned to care less about whether that putt went in and more about whether I had done everything I could to give it a chance to go in.”

Putting Out of Your Mind: Dr. Bob Rotella, page xxi

Whether you believe that sports analogies are appropriate to business lessons or not… they are. This week I will be borrowing quotes from “Putting Out of Your Mind” by Bob Rotella. He is one of my favorites.

Click on the book to grab your own copy "Putting Out of your Mind"
Click on the book to grab your own copy “Putting Out of your Mind”

Once we complete our practice sessions (training), it is time to “play.” After you have done everything you can to put yourself in position where you can meet a new client, it is time to do so. The problem with many wishful travel entrepreneurs is that they don’t see the activity through to fruition. They “almost” get there, but they stop short from sealing the deal.

There is an old golf truism that reminds us: “Never up – never in.” This implies that if your putt never reaches the hole, there is zero chance that you will sink the putt. You have to “get there.”

Likewise, you have to “get there” if you want to give yourself a chance to win at business. In your case that means writing more emails, sending more proposals, attending more networking events, issuing more invitations, coming up with more ideas, and doing something about it.

Only by placing yourself in a position to win will you have an actual chance to win. I am afraid this infers that you must do enough of “something” to give yourself a chance.





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