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Putting Out of Your Mind: Two Types Of People

“You can’t be successful at putting if you’re letting fear of missed putts dictate your behavior.”

Putting Out of Your Mind: Dr. Bob Rotella, page 27

The Putter Jack Nicklaus Sees In The Mirror

What if they don’t answer my call? What if they don’t open my email? What if they think I am too expensive? What if they already have a travel agent they like doing business with? What if they “use” me, and then book directly? What if they don’t like the hotel I recommended? What if they miss their connection?

Click on the book to grab your own copy "Putting Out of your Mind"
Click on the book to grab your own copy “Putting Out of your Mind”

You can probably fill in another two hundred “what-if’s” of your own without having to make anything up. Our industry is full of them.

In golf, second-guessing yourself and being frightened that you will miss the putt is called the “yips.” In business, you might consider this as a lack of confidence some other phobia.

In both instances, the question that should be bouncing around your brain should be, “What is my next step after this one works?”

I’m reminded of one of my favorite reminders: “There are only two types of people in the world. Those you can help and the other kind.” You can’t do much about one type, but you can do a lot for the other. Choose wisely.






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