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Raise Your Visibility With Facebook Live

Have you seen Facebook Live yet? It’s a (relatively) new feature on Facebook that lets you broadcast LIVE video over Facebook using your mobile phone. For a long time this cool feature was only available for verified users and the media, but it is now rolling out to everyone and can be an amazing tool for marketing your business. You can “go live” now on your personal page, your business page and as of this week… in Facebook groups, too!

Video is the type of content that often drives the most engagement over Facebook. It’s also a great way to increase that “know, like, and trust” factor that we are all looking to build with potential clients, right? They get to see your smiling face and hear your voice; it makes for a much deeper connection than just reading your posts. This takes it up a notch further. Right now Facebook Live content is showing higher in the newsfeed of your Facebook friends and fans than any other content.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s simple and easy to use (plus it can be a lot of fun!). You’ll need your mobile phone and the Facebook Pages app to “go Live” on your business page, but you can use this feature on your personal page and in groups from the main Facebook app.

When you click to post something new, look at the bottom of the post window for this little icon…


Photo One


After you click on the icon, you’ll have an opportunity to give your video a title (which will later become the contents of your post above the video). Make sure you make it compelling! Then just hit the blue “Go Live” button and you’ll see a countdown. When it ends, you are LIVE on Facebook!


Photo Two


You’ll be able to see the viewers who are watching your video and any comments people post will show up in the white box below so you can really make it an interactive experience answering their questions or responding to their comments.


Photo Three


Once you hit the red “end” button and stop your broadcast, you’ll have the option to save the video to your camera roll. If you do that you can repurpose the video by sharing it elsewhere (you can put it on YouTube, post it to other places on Facebook, share it on other social platforms, etc). A recording of the video will automatically post to your page (or profile or group) when you are finished.

Here are a few tips for using Facebook Live in your business…

When you first “go live” it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute before people start hopping on to listen to what you have to say. Use that time to say hi and introduce yourself and tell what you want to talk about… but don’t take too long. Those watching the recording will hop off if you don’t get to your topic!

Ask people to click the “Live Subscribe” button so that they will get a Facebook notification the next time you broadcast live. Tell them what you share on Facebook Live so they know why it’s a good idea to subscribe. The button will be over your left shoulder so you can point there and say “click the button up there that says Live Subscribe…”

Ask questions! Ask if they have questions; make it interactive. It’s always more fun that way! If someone leaves a comment, say hello to them and thank them. That usually invites more comments from others.

Share travel tips and information that your fans will be interested in. Did you just book something awesome? Hop on and talk about it! Share a little bit about the clients, where you booked them, and what they are going to love about it. Then invite people to message you or visit your website if they are interested in planning their next vacation.

Tell them about your free offer! Do you have a checklist for how to pack for your cruise in a carry on? Tell them where they can request their copy!

On a FAM? Flip the camera around and show people the resort! Don’t forget to use a microphone if it’s windy (in a pinch you can use earbuds with a built in mic). Ask a travel companion to hold the phone and film you interviewing the GM or other staff members around the resort. This is a great way to showcase yourself as an expert with some awesome connections!

Wondering how you can use it in groups? Imagine you are a family travel specialist and you are in a group of Moms on Facebook (not a travel group… just a group of your ideal clients). Take them on a tour of the kids club at the resort you are staying at. You don’t have to sell. Just introduce yourself using your web address: “Hi, this is Lori Hardegree from thevisibilitysolution.com…” and show them around.

In a group of foodies? “Share” your dinner with them when you are traveling. Show them the cooking class you are taking in France, or the local market in Italy.

Or get out of the “travel box” and just connect! Pop in and say hello to your Facebook fans. Share something inspirational with people in a group. Remember that people do business with other people, not with “logos.” Take some time and build that personal relationship and you’ll see that the sales start to follow!

Lori HeadshotLori Hardegree is a social visibility expert with TheVisibilitySolution.com and is the creator of the Visibility Marketing System, a proven step-by-step program to show you exactly how to stop being the best kept secret in the travel industry and start attracting new clients easily and consistently. Click here to download a free copy of her “99 Ways to Attract New Clients” checklist and receive weekly marketing and visibility strategies right to your inbox!

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