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The Nordstrom Way : Excellence Is The Key To Growth

“In a mature industry the consumer becomes the boss. They will tolerate nothing but excellence – there will be choices everywhere.”

The Nordstrom Way – by Robert Spector & Patrick D. McCarthy, page 203

Chapter 8: Customer Service The Nordstrom Way

It is true that the person carrying the wallet is sometimes referred to as the customer, or in this passage, the consumer. It is also true that the consumer has a myriad of choices today, and they can demand excellence when they feel it is time to open their wallet.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "The Nordstrom Way"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “The Nordstrom Way”

It is my belief, however, that today’s consumer, given these options, does not expect excellence, and in fact may expect services and products short of being excellent. What they will not condone, however, is to be taken advantage of. What they will not pay for is arrogance, rudeness, and lethargy.

This is where an enormous opportunity presents itself for the proactive entrepreneur who wants make a living in the travel industry. The agent who decides to give their clients excellence at every turn in the relationship will not only survive our future economic uncertainty, but they will grow while their competition scratches their head wondering “What happened?!”









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