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Flip: Add Something Extra

“Fast, Good, Cheap: Pick Three: Then add something extra.”

Flip: How to Turn Everything You Know on Its Head—and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings — Peter Sheahan, page 85

There was a time when you would expect me to say, “Pick two out of three.” Not anymore. The customer is in the driver’s seat today and the competition is scrambling to gain the upper hand.

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Today, you must be fast. (Speed wins.)
Today you must be good. (I know what quality looks like and I want more of it.)
Today you must be cheap. (Not necessarily inexpensive. You must provide value for the price you are charging.)
And you’re not done yet.

Said another way, you must respond, you must be detailed, and you must provide value. Then, and here comes the kicker, you have to do something else.

The Louisiana French call it Lagniappe. It is a term referring to “the cherry on the top” of the ice cream sundae. That little bit of “extra” that makes people notice and want more is the secret pill.

Today you must be fast, good, cheap and more.








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