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Flip: Feel Versus Real

“Customer Satisfaction Sucks.”

Flip: How to Turn Everything You Know on Its Head—and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings — Peter Sheahan, page 76

Too strong an opinion you say? These are not my words, but I do endorse the sentiment.

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Everybody proclaims that their customer service is impeccable at the very least. Most small businesses feel that they’re doing everything in their power to get the job done properly. In most of these instances, this belief is coming from within. In the majority of cases, this opinion I wrong.

There is a three-word reminder in golf that implies what you feel is not necessarily reality. Feel versus real. It often takes a professional coach tethered to a video camera to show the student exactly what’s going on.

Perhaps it is time for you to record your business phone calls in order to get a true picture for how you come across to your prospects and customers. I’m not joking. Professionals analyze their performance and make the appropriate corrections as needed.

I say this with all due respect: There is a very good chance that your customer satisfaction level sucks. You can continue to do what you are currently doing, or you can accept the challenge, and find out what the reality in your business sounds like.

It’s your move. Ready. Camera. Action.






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