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Flip: The Right Staff

“Your little experiments will often fail. Get over it. Start another one.”

Flip: How to Turn Everything You Know on Its Head—and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings — Peter Sheahan, page 167

Today’s message is directed toward those of you who have employees. I don’t. There are many times I wish I had. Why? Because two heads are better than one.

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I suppose the key here is to have the “right” employees… the right staff.

A friend of mine hires and immediately classifies all new employees to the middle category he labels “B.” He explains to each new hire that they have six months to achieve “A” status. He clearly explains what an “A” employee looks like and what is expected of them. He then provides all the tools and support for the newly appointed “B” employee to arrive at “A” status within the six-month time table.

After six months, if the “B” slides to a “C” or even fails to achieve “A” level status, they realize that they have just terminated themselves. No firing or uncomfortable dialogue is necessary. “B’s” either rise or fall with nobody to blame but themselves.

In an industry like travel where all the products are available to every distributor, the one and only differentiator is the people who run your program. Period.

It is imperative that you give high priority to your only differentiator. If that happens to be you in a one-man shop, then it is high time you start paying attention to you.






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