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Hey, I’m The Customer: Be the Educator

“In his own unique way he has differentiated himself from any other parking lot van driver I have ever ridden with.”

Hey, I’m The Customer — Ron Willingham, page 7

This is one of the recommendations that has been bandied about for the last thousand years by every sales and marketing guru, from Bangor Maine to San Diego California.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Hey, I'm The Customer"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Hey, I’m The Customer”

Everybody tells you to differentiate if you want to succeed in business. Nobody knows quite how to do it, but nobody seems to question the importance of the task.

The van driver in the quote above could have handed out fresh fruit, bottled water, worn a Hawaiian shirt, played local music on his radio, painted his van with a special logo, offered local newspapers to his passengers, or even supplied a coupon for a free pair of rented bowling shoes down at big Sal’s Ally and Pool Hall Establishment.

How a parking lot van driver can differentiate himself from the thousands of others is limited only by his own personal creativity quotient, and perhaps his own quirky personality and/or interest in capturing the attention of his passengers.

But let’s talk about you: how are you planning to differentiate yourself from every other travel agent within 400 miles from where you are sitting?

One way that immediately comes to my mind has nothing to do with nose rings or dragon tattoos. How about customer service levels, who you hang out with, or whether or not you offer free transportation to the airport. By becoming the number one resource of information when it comes to travel, you will be placed in a category of one. In other words: Become The Educator.

You may very well come up with different differentiating factors, but I believe you’ll be hard pressed to come up with a better one. Become the educator.


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