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Savor the Arts in Naples with ShoreTrips

Italy has long been considered the birthplace of the arts, with the heart of the Renaissance period focused within its own borders after the lack of artistic and social progression during the Dark Ages. Today thousands of years of art, history, and performance can all be seen in one of the city’s most exquisite cities, the seaside mecca of Naples. This city, filled with palacial spaces, galleries, record-breaking opera houses, and fantastic museums, are only a small part of what makes this city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

60-Second Geography

Naples, Italy

Stone fountain in the city of Naples
[/media-credit] Stone fountain in the city of Naples
Naples by the sea
[/media-credit] Naples by the sea
Bronze statue of Apollo at temple ruins
[/media-credit] Bronze statue of Apollo at temple ruins
  • Capella Sansevero, also known as the Sansevero Chapel, is a Baroque style structure well known throughout Europe for its collection of veiled statuary. The chapel was originally built as an entombment for the bodies of the distinguished Di Sangro family of Naples in the 16th century. Prince Raimondo di Sangro, an avid art lover, commissioned artisans to decorate the interior with scenes from his own family’s life. The chapel’s most famous piece is that of the Veiled Christ, a sculpture of Jesus with such impressive detail that the “sheet” that covers him appears to be so thin it’s almost transparent. Tendons, a protruding rib cage, and the silhouette of Christ’s face are easily distinguishable through the marble shroud.
  • The Museo Archeologico Nazionale is one of the world’s greatest collection of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts remaining in the modern world. Bourbon king Charles VII created the museum from what a formerly a military barracks and university in the 18th century to house his inheritance from his mother and treasures he had stolen from both Pompeii and Herculaneum. Some of the most-sought after exhibits include mosaics from Pompeii’s Casa del Fauno, the Toro Farnese, and the Borgia basement exhibits of Egyptian relics and artifacts. The Toro Faranese depicts the Farnese Bull, which was the downfall of the spiteful Queen of Thebes Dirce. This statue was restored by Michelangelo himself when it was discovered in the 16th century near Rome.
  • Italy’s largest and oldest opera house, the Teatro San Carlo is not the original opera house that stood here in 1737. The first opera house was burnt down in 1816 and rebuilt into the current structure visitors comes from all over the world to soak performances in today. A multi-million Euro refurbishment has seen the opera house restored to is former opulent glory. Six level of box seats and amazing acoustics make this one of the most coveted opera houses in the world for performers and spectators alike. The opera house presents performances in ballet, opera, and concerts, including world-famous orchestras and stories such as Madame Butterfly and Aida.
  • A hunting lodge for Bourbon king Charles VII that he did not live to see complete, the Palazzo Peale Di Capodimonte today serves as a premier art gallery and museum in Naples. Pieces housed here range from Botticelli to Andy Warhol, all spread out over three floors and 160 rooms. Many visitors take a morning or afternoon for an abbreviated tours of the palace, but to see everything, plan on spending the entire day. Once you’ve explored all three rooms, take a fresh breath of air outside on the estate’s 321 acres of land, fit for a king.

Explore The Most Breathtaking of Naples with ShoreTrips

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Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Experience

When you reach Pompeii, your private, local licensed guide will take you on a fascinating two-hour tour through this amazing place. Once a thriving empire, the city of Pompeii had about 20,000 inhabitants in 79 AD, when it was completely covered in 30 feet of volcanic ash by the deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Next you will reach the town of Sorrento, where you will experience spectacular views of the entire bay of Naples and the Island of Capri as the Amalfi coast road emerges from over the mountain cliff.

Wine Tasting In Avellino

Avellino is the land of great noble wines. The south of Italy, particularly Campania, is one of the most exciting wine areas in the world, where the great noble wines are produced. This tour allows access to the main wine cellars where three of them are created. They are cool climate wines in a hot climate region. As there are several wineries to choose from, your guide will have pre-arranged appointments at one or two vineyards that show the quality we look for from the latest productions.

Visit the Island Of Capri

With great anticipation, you will meet your guide at the port of Naples after disembarking your ship. The guide will bring you to the hydrofoil which will take you to the magical island of Capri. There are several different directions of interest on the island and your guide will help you determine which will be most inspiring to you. You may want to visit the Gardens of Caesar Augustus or to the Punta Tragara, both very easy walks. The second option takes you to Villa San Michele, the charming former home of Swedish doctor and philanthropist Axel Munthe (1857-1949) that Henry James called “the most fantastic beauty, poetry, and inutility that one had ever seen clustered together.”

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