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Hey, I’m The Customer: Solve A Problem

“Another tip, and one most sales people don’t seem to practice, is to mention only the features and benefits that relate to the needs or wants that have been identified.”

Hey, I’m The Customer — Ron Willingham, page 52

This should fall under the category of a ”no-brainer.” I am consistently amazed how sales professionals fail to pick up on the prospect’s hot button. Time and time again they fall back on their personal wealth of knowledge and spew out reams of information that is not particularly of interest to the prospect.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Hey, I'm The Customer"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Hey, I’m The Customer”

This should not fall under any other category but common knowledge. The prospect is interested in what the prospect is interested in. Focus on and pay attention to that which holds meaning to the prospect.

This may sound insanely obvious to you and may even sound like I’m insulting you. Don’t tell me that your sheets happened to be Egyptian origin and have a thread count 200,000. Tell me how that particular bed cover helps my sleeping habits.

Furthermore, when I indicate to you that a foam filled pillow is of no interest to me, don’t counter by telling me I am only a block and a half from the beach.

Sadly enough I am not attempting to be funny. My examples are to be taken seriously.









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