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Integrity Selling: Sales Are Made with Your Mouth Closed

“People are more apt to buy when they’re talking than when you’re talking.”

Integrity Selling: How to Succeed in Selling in the Competitive Years Ahead — Ron Willingham, page 35

This may be one of the most difficult skills to learn when it comes to the discipline of selling. Thanks to whoever invented the term ”gift of gab,” salesmanship has been closely connected to how well and how long a person can talk.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Integrity Selling"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Integrity Selling”

This skill might have been admirable back when the salesman was the primary information source. Thanks to today’s Internet, this is no longer the case. In fact, the buyer with a sincere interest probably knows more about the product then the salesman does. In the majority of cases, I am willing to bet on this.

A significant human trait reminds us that most people enjoy the sound of their own voice over the sound of others. Therefore, the intelligent salesman will soon realize and understand the power of listening.

The secret, if there is such a thing, is having the buyer talking: setting the stage and allowing them to sell themselves as it pertains to your product or service.

Although I cringe at the sound of this following reminder, it is true that you were given two ears and one mouth. You should use them in that same proportion.








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