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This New Tool May Be a Game Changer!

Don’t you love it when you find a new tool that just makes your life so much easier or that gets much better results than what you were using before? I think in terms of social media, Adobe Spark can be one of those game changer type tools for travel professionals.

Here’s something you may not know about me: I suck at graphics. Seriously bad. I am great with all kinds of technology, but when it comes to making things “look pretty,” I am just not your girl! Because of that, I am always on the lookout for new tools to make things like quote photos for Facebook look better.

Finding something that can create fabulous, professional looking social media graphics in a matter of minutes is good. Seeing that the tool can also create beautiful videos with audio narration and music, well that’s even better. Finding out I can use it to build a really stunning itinerary for a client and give them a custom link to their visual itinerary… now I’m sold!

It doesn’t stop there though. It gets even better! Not only is this tool completely and totally free (yes, FREE!) but it comes with a huge library of royalty free images you can use in those graphics, videos, and itineraries, too.

That tool is Adobe Spark. I was so excited to find this that I created 3 separate videos for you to walk you through how to use it in your travel business. Each video is 5-7 minutes long but will walk you through exactly how to create, save, and share these resources, plus some ideas for how to incorporate them into your marketing.

Social Media Graphics

We all know that photos are a huge part of what drives engagement on social media, especially with travel, and we’ve all seen those Facebook pages that have the beautifully styled photos with text overlay on them. You know the ones, the pages that leave you with “brand envy.” Here’s how easy it is for you to create a whole series of photos for all of your social platforms all at once…


Video is hot on social media right now. It’s driving more engagement and more traffic than anything else out there! Unfortunately I know a lot of travel professionals who want to use more video but they just don’t love the idea of “starring” in their videos. Adobe Spark gives you a quick and easy way to create absolutely gorgeous videos very quickly and even allows you to provide voice-over narration with music in the background.

SOCIAL TIP: Upload the video directly to both Facebook AND YouTube. You want it in both places.


I have to admit, I think this is my favorite feature of all! Travel professionals are always looking for ways to present their quotes and itineraries to clients in a way that WOWS them, right? There are lots of subscription based products out there that you can use to create itineraries, but they follow a strict template. They are amazing if that template works for you, but what if you want something unique (or you just don’t want to add another subscription service right now)? Adobe Spark to the rescue! It will take some time to get the first few done, but once you get the hang of it (and start creating a library of them to work from!) it will be a lot faster and easier.

Does this look like a tool that will be helpful in your business? I’d love to see a link to what you create with it! Please stop by my Facebook Page and share a link to your creations!

Lori HeadshotLori Hardegree is a social visibility expert with and is the creator of the Visibility Marketing System, a proven step-by-step program to show you exactly how to stop being the best kept secret in the travel industry and start attracting new clients easily and consistently. Click here to download a free copy of her “99 Ways to Attract New Clients” checklist and receive weekly marketing and visibility strategies right to your inbox!

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  1. Janis Wade says:

    This looks great Lori. Let me know if you are going to do more training. I am very keen to use this.

  2. Thank you! Without this post I wouldn’t have known about this fantastic tool. Can’t wait to start using it.

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